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A Note from May 15, 2014:
Another May 15 is passing into history, and I still can't get back to 1973, not even to fix broken links. I found some new stuff I'd like to add, but that 41-year-old box is ridiculously hard to reopen. For this mental block, I apologize to all the friends of Chris and Marjan who appreciated the memorial, especially Brenda Ingle, Owen Spence, Gary Hepburn, Ken Lindley, Chris Geri, Grant Corrigan, Alan Cobden, Peg McCuaig, John Pope and Heather from Rockwood. If any of you want to put up a better memorial, please feel free to use anything you want from this site, including my photos of the girls at the falls. There will be no copyright hassles. Just do it with love.

A Note from May 15, 2013:
This site is evolving somewhat erratically, mostly away from its original purpose as a memorial for Christine Sinclair and Marjan Drijber. But they're not forgotten. I am writing this exactly 40 years after Chris and Marjan lost their lives in violence at the bank of the Zambezi River.

Dinny is a word coined by my brother Stanley James Terpstra (July 5, 1952 to June 20, 2009) in 1966 specifically to serve as a nickname for his older brother Paul (me). Dinny is really just a diminutive form of the word Dindon, which is French for Turkey. Turkey, my original nickname, was given to me more than 50 years ago when I first attended a boarding school in Jos, Nigeria with kids who had never seen a Terpstra before and who may have been linguistically overwhelmed by its 5 consecutive consonants.

The main thing on this site so far is a slowly-growing tribute to 2 Canadian girls named Christine Sinclair and Marjan Drijber who died in a Zambezi gorge on May 15, 1973.

A list of a few other things that have a high probability (in excess of 50%) of appearing on this site within the next 8 years:

A list of a few things that have zero probability of appearing on this site during the current millennium:

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